PlyFASTner Plus® - Hurricane Window Fasteners

Pack Sizes:
Available in 1-Window or 9-Window Packs

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PlyFASTner Plus® provide a quick, affordable method of attaching plywood panels to windows and doors to protect structures from wind-borne debris damage. These Fiberglass-filled, Nylon brackets have been tested and meet Florida Product Approval. Using the PlyFASTner system allows homeowners to quickly install and deploy plywood window protection more efficiently than other methods. The patented design allows for a wider space between fasteners which uses less brackets and components. Anchors are permanently installed into your exterior and each case comes with decorative caps that cover the hardware from sight.

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  • The PlyFASTner Plus system lets you place protective panels on your home in under a minute per window and door. PlyFASTner Plus meets strict Coastal Building Code requirements and can be used with plywood (1/2˝ CDX or 7/16˝ OSB), or polycarbonate panels.
  • Simple to install with only a few components to manage. The patent-pending 2-part hardware system plus plywood can quickly secure any window or door opening, protecting it from wind-borne debris.
  • Utilizes the Stow & Deploy® anchoring system that simplifies preparation for an approaching storm and conceals permanently installed hardware when not in use.


Single Pack - Contains 4 PlyFASTner Clips and 4 anchor bolts

36-Pack - Contains 36 clips (enough for 9 windows), 36 anchor bolts and 50 white decorative caps



          Quickly fastening plywood or polycarbonate window protection before a storm


FL Building Product Approval

Installation Spacing

30" between brackets


Fiberglass-filled Nylon